MicroPOS for Convenience Store Retailers

MicroPOS is an EPOS solution designed for independent convenience stores.

EDI Ordering and PLOF Updates to leading convenience wholesalers.

Surveys have shown that up to 47% of stock shrinkage is down to staff dishonesty, if your staff know that your stock is controlled and accounted for, then such shrinkage can be reduced.

Stock reports may be generated at a click of a button, thus freeing valuable time for other tasks such as customer service.

Small retailers will now be able to offer their customers a loyalty discount or credit account scheme. This will enable them to operate equally with the larger retail chains and again increase business.

All stock levels may be monitored thus preventing the "out of stock" situation, this will therefore lead to greater sales and turnover.

The EPOS system will record all sales, including rated and zero rated sales thus automatically calculating the VAT, this will save the manager valuable time for other end of day tasks.

The comprehensive sales analysis reports will allow you to pin point your most and least successful product lines between any set time period.

Reduce your operating costs and thus stay ahead of your competitors.

Reduction in your stockholding.