// Why choose MicroPOS

MicroPOS is an EPOS solution designed mainly for independent retailers to give them the competitive edge. Equipped with powerful features, MicroPOS allows you to control your business.

With its easy to use display and integrated Shopmaster software, it allows:
 »   for accurate stock levels
 »   control over employee information
 »   easy reporting

Complete Confidentiality:
Choosing an independent service provider like MicroPOS means you can be confident not only is the supplier stock and price information 100% accurate, it's kept absolutely confidential. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your system we work closely with leading wholesaler suppliers, but you can relax in the knowledge that no-one else has visibility of what each of your other suppliers are providing!

Follow a Quick Product Tour and in 5 minutes you will see how MicroPOS can be the perfect EPOS solution for your retail business.

Hardware Compatibility

MicroPOS RMS is fully compatible with all current EPOS hardware platforms.
 »  Optimised for touch screen
 »  Modular or integrated EPOS hardware
 »  Legacy system upgrades a speciality